It can happen where the goods were placed on the wrong carrier and the container number you were given was wrong, the shipment could have failed lookup, you may have attached the shipment to the wrong purchase order or the commonly used container numbers can get reused and the shipment tracking restarted. It's easy to unlink a shipment to prevent any data degradation.

To do so locate your order from either of these three methods:

  1. Global search
  2. Orders view
  3. Shipments view

If navigating from the Shipments view, click on the shipment number or you can locate the purchase order. 

  • If you click on the shipment number cell
    • Under Shipment details, click the unlink button
    • Confirm and click OK
  • If inside the purchase order details
    • Head to the Logistics Tracking section on the far right side
    • Click Unlink shipment

Note: This option will unlink the shipment from your order, but the shipment will still be stored in your Shipments tab.

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