Unfortunately, shipments sometimes cannot be found and that may be due to a number of reasons for air and ocean shipments. 

In the event this occurs, there are two error messages that may appear:

  1. Not Found
  2. Lookup Failed

Not Found

When this event takes place it means that the lookup process was completed but unfortunately were not able to find a match for the shipment. This could be due to:

  • Typo in the tracking number entered.
  • Error in the tracking type selected.
  • The shipment method was incorrectly marked.

Feel free to take another attempt at this and troubleshoot the information that you entered. 
Note: If shipping air, the Master Airway Bills (MAWB) can expire as these shipment legs are very quick.

Lookup Failed

This means that the lookup process did not complete successfully due to a technical difficulty. If you are tracking an Evergreen shipment, only enter the Master Bill of Lading (MBL) as we are unable to surface the specific container numbers. Unfortunately, we cannot track any Matson (MATS) or SM Line (SMLM) at this time.

If you wish to track any FedEx, UPS or DHL shipment, add the tracking numbers directly into the Order messages section. For more insights on how to perform that function are listed here



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