Bulk upload Part-Supplier links

Part-Supplier links allow you to link parts and suppliers when uploading your library. Every part ordered or unordered is associated with at least one supplier. Establishing this relationship as you are onboarding or as you add more SKUs to your supply chain will only make you more efficient and organized. Learn more here on what part-supplier links can add to your operation. 

Step 1: Add your suppliers

  • Follow the steps here to either individually or bulk upload your supplier library. 

Step 2: Bulk upload your parts

  • Similar to your supplier library follow these steps to upload your parts directory. 

Step 3: Part-Supplier Links

If you have your individual parts and suppliers uploaded already, there's an easy way to match them to the correct supplier and store all pricing and lead times. Through the Global Actions button navigate to the Create Part-Supplier link.

  1. Click Individually
    •  One-by-one process of linking parts to suppliers
    1. When logged into Anvyl, click on the Global Actions button
    2. Select the Add Part dropdown menu. If you already have a CSV file with the information in the template, click Bulk Upload Part-Suppliers from CSV to upload the file. If you do not already have the file navigate to the bottom of dropdown and download CSV for bulk adding part-supplier-links.
    3. Open the CSV file that you downloaded, and format your parts in the CSV template. 
    4. Ensure that the Supplier Name column is filled out exactly as it appears from Step 1.
    5. Ensure that the Part Number column does not contain any duplicates. (If you have duplicate Part Names without the Part Number, the system will automatically assign a unique Part Number and Part-Supplier link to each row.)
    6. Custom Info fields for part-supplier links cannot be bulk uploaded at this time.

Note: You can only upload 1 part-supplier link for each part you are adding. If you have two or more rows with the same Part Number, the system will flag this as an error and give you the option to either ignore all of the duplicate Part Numbers or remove any extra rows until there is only one unique Part Number per row.


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