Integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs)

Anvyl has the ability to integrate with your ERP solution through a number of different ways leveraging our open API. If you are an existing customer and use an ERP, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they can help quote out the project for you. 

We offer two options flows when establishing your ERP connection. Anvyl is here to support and provide a solution to whichever ERP system you use. 

ERP as the system of truth

Typically customers choose this option when there’s a complicated approval process built-in within ERP. PO will be pushed to Anvyl once it goes through the approval process. The supply chain team will leverage Anvyl for collaboration with the suppliers, and Anvyl will push the updated PO back to ERP to ensure PO records are the same across the two systems.


Anvyl as the source of truth

It is easy to create suppliers, and parts, and draft a PO in Anvyl and some of our customers prefer to create everything in Anvyl and push the records to their ERP.


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