How do I add users to collaborate on a draft purchase order?

Before issuing a purchase order it's important to confirm the details surrounding it to avoid duplicative work. Our draft purchase order set-up, allows you to collaborate with your suppliers on a non-issued purchase order. 

  1. If you already have a draft purchase order, click on the Order you wish to collaborate on. If you do not already have a draft purchase order, follow the instructions to create one here.
  2. On the Order Details Page, find the Collaborators section and click Share with Collaborators.
  3. Click the Share with suppliers link.
  4. If you want to share this with third-party collaborators, click Third-Party and add the users from the dropdown or add collaborators
  5. Draft a message
  6. Click Share.
    Note: Your suppliers will not be able to view the PO number until it has been issued.
  7. The supplier will receive an email that looks like the following:
  8. From this window, the supplier can respond to any message you have confirming the details of price, quantity, estimated shipment date, artwork
  9. Once confirmed by the supplier the brand can make any changes to the draft order and ISSUE PURCHASE ORDER


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