If you would like to add, edit, or remove a supplier contact to an existing supplier, follow the instructions below:

  1. When logged in, go to the Suppliers base dropdown.
  2. Click into the Suppliers contacts base 
  3. Find and click on the Supplier you wish to update the contacts for.
  4. On the Supplier Detail Page, click the Contacts tab.
  5. In this view you can:
    • Click ADD CONTACT
      • Fill out the form containing
        • Name
        • Email Address
        • Phone Number (optional)
        • Factory Affiliation(s) (optional)
        • Access Level
      • Editing an existing contact
        • Click the overflow menu (...) and select Edit access
        • The same form as above will appear
      • Delete an existing contact
        • Click the overflow menu (...) and select Delete
        • Confirm you wish to delete this user and click OK



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