Customize fields on a purchase order

Anvyl allows Team Admins and Company Admins to customize the fields that appear on your purchase order with a PO template. If you are a Team member and wish to change the fields on the purchase order, please send this article to your Team Admin.

Follow the instructions below to update your PO template:

  1. Log in to Anvyl and navigate to your Avatar > Team Settings or Company Settings.
  2. Click on the Team Name (if prompted) you wish to update the PO template for.
  3. Click the Orders tab.
  4. Click the PO Template dropdown.
  5. Select the PO fields you wish to show on our POs and toggle the fields on. For any other fields that you do not want on your PO, toggle them off.


  6. Optional: You can preview the PO template before saving it.
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