Mark a payment installation as paid

Marking a payment installation as paid helps you stay on top of your supply chain checklist and keep your suppliers informed when a payment has been made. If you have added a custom payment term to your PO, the platform automatically shows the required payments to the PO’s Finance tab. To mark a payment installation as paid, perform the following steps.

  1. When logged into the platform, click into the Order that you wish to update.
    • This can be found through the global search or located in the Orders base view
  2. From the Order Details page, click on the Finance tab.
  3. If you have Payment Terms added to your purchase order, you will see the Payment Installations listed out here.

  4. Click the Mark Paid button for the installation that was recently paid.
    Note: You cannot undo this action.
  5. Confirm this installation as paid and the status will update automatically and be visible to everyone who has access to the order, including suppliers and third-party collaborators who’ve been granted access.
    Note: If the third-party collaborator has restricted access from viewing Financial information, they will not be able to see this information.
  6. Optional: Link an invoice by following the instructions here.
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